What about AKITA

Hayakawa-san’s home, Akita-shi is in Akita prefecture local an airport and it takes about an hour from Tokyo to Akita by flight.

Akita is known for its snow, rice, Sake and Kanto festival.

In winter, snow starts falling from December to usually February. In mountain area, snow season is a little longer, so you can still go skiing in March or April.


Since rice of Akita is famous, which, in turn, makes Sake of Akita famous. The taste may be sweeter comparing to the other sake of the other places in Japan, But still you have to try it once!

Kanto Festival is one of the most famous and the biggest festivals in Japan. This is held in Akita-shi for 4 days in the beginning of August. You will see numerous bamboos with lightened paper lanterns. Put well-balanced on the head, hand, and hip of Kanto participants. The view of Kanto street of the night of Kanto Festival is so beautiful that you no longer care how long time you have been watching it.


The city of Akita is facing to the sea of Japan and beautiful mountains on the opposite side. Hayakawa-san is literally surrounded be pure nature and people who love jazz music.
(We, the supporters of Hayakawa-san, are always here for you to meet Hayakawa-san’s music together.)